Wednesday, 19 August 2015

PCI date and progress update

Hi All,

We got some great news yesterday. Our PCI date has been locked in for the 08/09/2015. We are so excited to finally have a date to work towards.

House has been progressing much quicker now with all the trades starting to come through and finalise the pending work. Most importantly the house and windows got a good (well over due) clean!

Windows/Sliders cleaned

Splash back installed

Plaster repairs under way

Extra tiles

 Laundry tiling complete

Main bathroom tiling complete

En-suite tiling 95% complete (some grouting missing)


  1. Looking really good, although why the long wait until PCI? Seems like quite some time from where you are at now??
    That said, we have been told that our PCI will be this week (ahem, it's Wednesday and we have no confirmation of even which day 'this week') and handover will be next week (uh uh, not unless the inspection is A+++)

    1. Thank you :)

      Yea it's really frustrating waiting 3 weeks when the house is almost done. Especially since we are doing our own flooring.

      Anyway, SS has promised to go through the house with a fine tooth comb and get it perfect. So maybe that's why he wants the extra time.

      Yea one week to rectify issues is such a short time, having said that, I've got a work mate going through this process and he's found that they are fixing all his issues within days.

      Good luck!

  2. Hi Joe.
    Your house is comingn along nicely.

    We're building the Chalton and will be doing our flooring after handover also. Are you going with floorboards or tiles? If you're doing floorboards will you be laying quads or removing the skirting boards and putting them back on after?

    We were hoping that PD would just 'tack' on the skirting boards so we can lay our floorboards but I've heard they no longer do this?

    1. Hi Chi,

      We are doing tiles. PD have been pretty strict with what we can do to help with after handover work we need to get done.

      Good luck with it.

  3. Hey Joe....its coming along nicely...can't wait to see that aquarium :D

    1. Thanks Phil! I will be sure to post some photos when it's all up and running :)